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No barriers for the handicapped!

International Student Meeting in Elda/Spanien vom 23. bis 30. April 2017

Drei Jahre lang haben wir Projektanträge geschrieben bis wir unsere Schulpartnerschaft „Stick together“ bewilligt bekommen haben. Umso größer war die Vorfreude auf das erste große STUDENT MEETING in Spanien: Dreißig Jugendliche aus vier verschiedenen Ländern sollten sich in Elda (bei Alicante) eine Woche lang mit einem wichtigen Thema auseinandersetzen: „No barriers for the handicapped – Ways of better integrating disabled people.“

Monday, 24th of April: The week started with an excursion to the Sax Castle and a guided tour of the Colonia de Santa Eulalia. Our partners from Spain told us important things about the history and their traditions, for example the Easter Egg Bun Day. After that we went to a restaurant and ate typical Spanish food. We enjoyed 5 courses, which were very delicious.

Tuesday, 25th of April: We started our second day in the high school IES Monastil by presenting our country and our school. Afterwards every country presented their work they had prepared at home. It was about disabled people, their problems in everyday life, the attitude of others towards handicapped persons, barriers and so on. Every presentation also contained some short videos about disabled people or their relatives reporting about them.

Wednesday, 26th of April: The Spanish school showed us several examples of perfect inclusion: First Samuel Caballero, a student at the IES Monastil school and member of a Para-Triathlon team; Paul Vila, a handicapped skater who showed us some stunts with his scooter; Nacho Gil, an international Down’s syndrome swimmer medallist from Elda and finally, the Spanish school presented us the “Stick together” game, an asking and answering game about disability.

Thursday, 27th of April: After the day had started with an eTwinning workshop, which should connect all ERASMUS+ participants in one social media platform, we visited the Cervantes School for the handicapped in Elda. We helped handicapped to master a self-made parkour. This task raised more awareness of all participants that happiness can also be achieved by togetherness and caring for each other and not necessarily by material things. Afterwards a fraternity meal followed, where all the students and their teachers ended up dancing the Macarena-dance on the dancefloor… 


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